$20/hr or $60 for the day

Great facility to pass the time during the winter months, for a Birthday party or daily exercise. 

​Rental includes:


  • Basketball Hoops
  • Hockey Nets
  • Volleyball Net
  • ​Assortment of balls
  • Access to Washrooms/Showers



Excellent facility for outdoor activities where you need cooking facilities. If viewing this on mobile device,  check out pictures on your desktop.

Rental includes:
  • ​Stove - 1
  • Microwave - 1
  • Fridge - 1
  • Small ​Freezer - 1
  • BBQ -  2
  • ​Large Griddle - 1
  • Long Tables - 2
  • Outside picnic tables
  • Chairs



Well stocked kitchen with everything you need to make your event or activity a success.

Rental includes:
  • Ovens- 3
  • Fridges - 3
  • Freezer - 1
  • Coffee Makers - 2
  • First-Aid Station

Community hall


Community Hall is great for large gatherings for any occasion. 
Rental includes:
  • Long Tables - 21 (8-10 people each)
  • Chairs - 250
  • Sound System

Meeting Rate of $40 for a maximum of 3 hours. No use of kitchen.

Facilities for Rent

Terms and Conditions

1.     Rental fee and damage deposit are due prior to event. 2.     The Renter is responsible for the purchase of a liquor license, if liquor is to be available. a.   The Liquor License is to be posted at the bar for the duration of the function. 3.     The Renter is responsible for cleaning the facilities used, following the function, to restore the hall to the condition in which it was found when the renter arrived. A cleaning fee of $20/hour will be charged and deducted from the damage deposit for any cleaning not completed by the renter. a.     The hall floor will be washed by the janitor but the floors must be swept by renter. b.     Spills must be cleaned up by renter. Mops can be found in closet located between Ladies and Men`s washrooms. 4.     All garbage must be removed from facility and placed in the dumpster located on the south/east side of main building. 5.     Absolutely, no sunflower seeds or other shelled seeds, nuts etc. are allowed on premises. 6.     Soiled towels must be placed in laundry bin provided. 7.     No food is to be left in fridges or freezers. Any food left behind will be thrown away. 8.     Grills and BBQ’s must be cleaned. a.     Do not pour grease, of any type, down drains. Place grease in a disposable container and place in garbage. 9.     All doors and fire escapes are to be checked and made sure that they are properly closed and locked. 10.  The Renter is responsible for any damage to the hall made by any person attending the function. Repair charges will be deducted from the damage deposit. Should the damage deposit be insufficient to cover the repairs, the Renter agrees to pay for the difference. 11.  The key is to be returned to the hall coordinator or to a Recreation Board Member. Failure to return key will result in a $10 penalty, which will be deducted from the damage deposit.